At the core of every financial plan is the “Income Plan”. Income planning it the process of converting the earnings and the assets you have today, into investments that will provide the income you want for tomorrow and the rest of your life. Most people refer to as “retirement”. We prefer to call it your “Financial Independence,” that day when your assets provide the income you need to maintain your lifestyle, and work is no longer a requirement. It’s an option!

Income Planning is one of the 4 Essential Elements of the 4x4 Financial Independence plan sm. We will take a deep-dive into your finances to show you EVERYTHING you will need to know about planning for your retirement. We will discuss your income and your expenses, as well as your assets, your liabilities and your tax situation.

While not everyone needs a full and comprehensive financial plan, without exception, everyone must have an income plan to make the most of the income and assets they have today, so they can begin to live the life they dream of tomorrow.