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Education is the hallmark of our process. This section contains information on great supplemental book information, from those who have firsthand experience in the field. Check it out below!

Great Reading Material

Below you will find a list of educational books we recommend for additional learning of topics, many from referral partners Lifetime Paradigm works with frequently!

  • Self-Directed IRA’s and 401(k)’s – Everything You Need To Know… Now! - Are you are fed-up with Wall Street and want to invest in Main Street? Do you want more control over your retirement? If the answer is “yes“, then Self-Directed IRA, 401(k) are strategies that you will want to seriously consider.  While these strategies can give you the control you want over your investments and often provide […]
  • Mark Kohler’s Tax & Legal Playbook – CPA and Attorney Mark J. Kohler answers the leading tax and legal questions facing small business owners, across all stages of business, and delivers a comprehensive playbook of clear-cut truths, thought-provoking advice, and underutilized solutions to save you time, money, and heartache.